SAE Threaded Flanges

SAE Threaded Flanges

SAE Threaded Flanges

Find the right product for your company. Our wide range of products consisting of over 8000 individual parts makes it possible to create customised solutions for your company. Our product portfolio includes SAE flanges (ISO 6162), SAE full flanges, screw-in flanges, external thread flanges, weld-in and weld-on flanges as well as flanges with butt-welded collars. These products can all be delivered in straight and 90° versions.

Furthermore we can deliver closing flanges, connecting flanges, flanges with measurement connections, T-connectors, reducing flanges, raised-edge flanges and SAE blocks. These as well as connections for gear pumps and square-head flange connections (ISO 6164) are available as straight and 90° versions and Cetop (standard) versions.

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SAE-flange adapter metric 24° DIN 3901

SAE-flange metric tapped 24° DIN 3901

SAE-flange metric tapped 24° companion DIN 3901

SAE-90° flange adapter 24° DIN 3901 - forged

SAE-90° flange adapter 24° DIN 3901 - brazed

SAE-90° threaded flange 24° DIN 3901

SAE-45° flange-adapter DIN 3901

SAE-adapter JIC 37°

SAE-threaded flange JIC 37°

SAE-90° flange adapter JIC 37° - forged

SAE-45° flange adapter JIC 37° - forged

SAE-flange adapter BSPP thread

SAE-90° flange adapter BSPP-60° - forged

SAE-45° flange adapter BSPP-60° - forged

SAE-adapter UN-ORS threaded

SAE-90° adapter UN-ORS threaded

SAE-45° adapter UN-ORS threaded

Current Catalogue

Current Catalogue

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Havit Products

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